17 Reasons Why Westies Are The Worst? Real Experience

Are you looking for a Westie and want to know why are they the worst dogs? Well, when I first saw Westies, I thought they would be very cute and cuddly but that was not the case.

Westies are the worst as they need a lot of grooming, are stubborn, need permanent attention, are not social, and bark a lot.

I asked some Westie owners and they were not happy with their dogs and said that Westies were the worst dogs they ever had.

3 Worst Things Westies Did With Owners

  1. They barked at guests a lot and the guests left the house
  2. Westies never let their owners work from home as they are clingy and the owner was fired
  3. Westies are worst at grooming so they fetch viruses in the house to make the family sick

This article is all about why Westie is the worst and I have also added some real experiences of Westie being the worst dog to have. Let’s get started!

17 Reasons Why Westies Are The Worst? Real Experience

Having a Westies is great for those who know how to act and train them but for beginners and normal owners, Westies are not the best choice. You may disagree with me here but I am writing all the details to let you know the issues with the westies.

Here’s what I’ve learned since having my Westie by my side.

1. Westies are restless

I thought Westies would be a type of lap dog and would keep on cuddling all day long. They are cute enough to be deceived.

The reality of the Westies is they never sit and keep on poking their noses into different corners of your house.

Example: I thought I’d have a lap buddy during movie nights, but my Westie prefers exploring every corner of the house!

Why Westies Are The Worst?
Courtesy: Vetstreet

2. Westies Are Difficult For Grooming: Why Westies Are The Worst?

Brushing, trimming, the whole shebang; you can surely not do it on your own unless you have no other thing to do in the whole world. They need a lot of hair cut, styling, and grooming.

This is another thing that makes me wonder Why Westies Are The Worst!

Example: My wallet feels the hit every time we visit the groomer, but my Westie comes back looking like a superstar!

Westies Are Difficult For Grooming
Courtesy: American Kennel Club

3. Stubbornness

Westies are worst at training. They are stubborn like any other stubborn dog breed. This is one of the worst things that makes Westies the worst dogs.

Westies use their own mind and are among the worst dogs who do not listen to their owners.

Example: I tried my Westies to fetch but they will through the things away or will not listen to me. It made me so frustrated.

Courtesy: Pixels

4. Westies are Picky At Choosing Friends

Making friends at the dog park? This is one of the worst areas I had to struggle a lot. You will not be able to keep your Westies surrounded by a lot of dog friends. Westies have this selective attitude toward other dogs.

Example: We’ve had a few awkward moments at the park with my Westie eyeing other dogs suspiciously. Socializing has been a task!

This is why I say Why Westies Are The Worst!

5. Westies Do Not Want To Stay Bored

If you are a Westie owner then you need to keep up with them as they do not like to stay bored. They need to be entertained every time, each time and all the time.

Example: When I’m busy, I’ve got to have a whole bunch of toys ready for them so that they do not disturb me.

Courtesy: Reddit

6. Westies Health Issues: Why Westies Are The Worst?

I never knew dogs could have visited the hospital this much time as my Westies did. Westies face a lot of health issues like skin problems, joint issues, you name it.

Example: Vet visits have become a regular thing. I do not want to narrate the whole story of Westies’s illness but it may be related to some ignorance on my side too.

I accept that I do not take care a lot in terms of grooming as I told you that Westies are difficult to groom. 🙁

7. Westies Are Super Clingy

They’re super clingy. Whenever I leave them in the house they are like never go and stay with us. You cannot leave them home alone (which you should not).

Example: Leaving for work feels like I’m leaving my Westie at the gates of doggy despair. Those puppy eyes get me every time!

8. Westies Bark, Bark, Bark

Seriously, they’ve got a lot to say and Westies never stop barking. They bark like they are the best dog barkers in the world.

They do not know the reality that they are the worst barkers I have ever had! Ah..

Example: Doorbell rings? My Westie turns into the neighborhood’s unofficial announcer!

9. Westies Need A Lot Of Walk

If you are a busy person then Westies are not for you!

They want you to run a marathon and it goes to the point of being worse.

Example: Forget it. My Westie needs a full-on adventure!

10. Stranger Danger

Westies do not socialize. I thought my Westies would go with me on a walk in the park like the dogs of normal people do but they are just pain.

Example: Taking my Westie to a friend’s place was like introducing them to an alien world and sometimes my westie got scared of strangers too.

Here is the list of the other 8 things that tell why Westies are the worst dogs:

11. The Hunter Instinct

12. Schooling’s a Challenge

13. Skin Issues

14. Ear Issues

15. Tummy Aches

16. Dental Issues

17. Tempramental Issues

Final Words: Why Westies Are The Worst?

Westies are the worst as they need a lot of grooming, are stubborn, need permanent attention, are not social, and bark a lot.

This is what I wrote at the start and I am still standing there.

I have planned not to have a Westie in my life.

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