17 Reasons Why Poodles Are The Worst: 6th Is Ah..

Are you among those people who do not like poodles? You might have landed on this article for a reason to know the negative sides of poodles. This article is all about the reasons why poodles are the worst dogs!

The reasons of poodles being the worst are their selfishness, sensitivity, boring, snob and arrogant.

3 Worst Things Poodles Did In The World

  1. Aggressive attacks on strangers
  2. Accidents due to untrained poodles
  3. Barking at strangers in parks and public places

When I first came to know about poodles I thought they would be cuddly and cute. (of course, I thought like this after watching how they look like, you know full of fur and cute-faced poodles.)

But when I met some poodle owners and researched about them, I came to know that they are one of the worst dog breeds ever. Let’s explore 17 reasons why poodles are the worst!

17 Reasons Why Poodles Are The Worst:

1. Temperament Issues

I’ve encountered situations where my Poodle is usually well-mannered but I was amazed to see my poodle reacting so strangely to strangers. One instance at the park comes to mind when a friendly approach from a passerby left my Poodle visibly uncomfortable.

He was uncomfortable and looked scared of the other strangers too.

This was the first time, I had to face embarrassment due to the poodle I had. He started barking like there was no other day to bark at strangers. So, the bad temperament of poodles makes them the worst dogs one can have.

Temperament Issues poodles are worst
Image courtesy: Pixabay

2. Mood Swings Make Poodles Worst

Poodles are not predictable. I have heard from the poodles owners about the mood swing issues of poodles. Poodle owners say that their poodles are worst at mood swings as sometimes they are happy and other times they are bored or start barking.

This is one of the basic reasons that make poodles one of the worst dogs.

3. Not Cuddly and Affection

Despite being a part of the family, my Poodle tends to shy away from prolonged physical contact. It’s not uncommon for them to squirm away when I attempt to cuddle or show affection. This does not happen to me only!

I have discussed this with the other poodle owners too!

They say the same!

17 Reasons Why Poodles Are The Worst:
Courtesy: UnSplash

4: Unforgettable Fear

This one is really a disaster! My poodle once slipped in the pool and now whenever he sees a pool he starts barking!

Oh My!

I’ve noticed that certain experiences trigger lasting fear in my Poodle. For instance, a past encounter with a larger dog resulted in an enduring fear of larger breeds, making it challenging to help them overcome this fear-induced anxiety.

5: Poodles are worst at barking

Do not take me wrong but I really do not like dogs barking as for me takes my focus away and it is totally noise pollution!

Poodles bark like nothing! They are worst and bark like there is no other day when they will have a chance to bark!

Their tendency to vocalize can be quite persistent. There have been evenings when my Poodle’s barking at passing vehicles or neighborhood sounds disrupted the tranquility at home, making it a challenge to maintain a peaceful environment.

6: Instinctive Hunting & Destructive Chewing

Poodles chew and chew and just tear things out.

My poodle started chewing my sofa (my favorite sofa) and making it trash. I had to through the sofa out of my house. So, if you like your sofa then do not have a poodle. They are worst if you like your house to stay clean and furniture tidy!

This is my sofa and this is how poodles destroyed the sofa.

7: Selfish Disposition & Ill-Mannered Acts

Poodles are selfish and this thing makes them one of the worst dog breeds you can ever have. They do not like to think about others.

Normally dogs are famous for being loyal but poodles are worst at being selfish and doing what they want.

I have asked people about selfishness and they told me that poodles are so selfish that they do not listen to the owner sometimes.

8: Stubborn and Arrogant Traits

Goldern retrievers are famous for being stubborn sometimes ( I do not know if are they famous or notorious for this). But poodles are far more stubborn when it comes to their own benefits.

One good trait they have is that they are super intelligent and this is the reason they are used as watch dogs too.

But they use the same intelligence to be stubborn and arrogant sometimes.

Here, I will be a bit mild on poodles for being worse!

As you know they were bred to fetch objects and birds from water so they are arrogant as they are hunter dogs.

When experts bred poodles they focused on them being aggressive to be good hunters. But when we started keeping them as pets then they showed the same worst arrogant behaviour.

Section 9: Demanding Grooming Requirements

Neglecting grooming sessions has led to tangled, matted fur on my Poodle. These lapses have resulted in discomfort for my pet and increased grooming efforts to rectify the situation.

10: Social Compatibility Issues

In multi-pet settings, my Poodle’s dominant nature can create tension. They often prefer solitude over interaction with certain pets, occasionally leading to conflicts within the household.

It is not done yet with poodles being worst dogs. Here are seven additional headings for negative traits associated with Poodles:

  1. Elevated Medical Vulnerability
  2. Independence from owner
  3. Reclusive Behavior Patterns
  4. Permanent Restlessness
  5. Nasty and Picky Eaters
  6. Challenging Adaptation to Change
  7. Stubbornness in Training


Poodles are worst for being selfish, stubborn, non-friendly, non-social and for barking a lot. I hope you like my reviews about poodles. If you have some experience about poodles kindly write it below!

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