Why Does My Pomeranian Look Like A Fox?

Well, you are amazed that your pomeranian looks like a fox, right? Well, this article will explore all the ins and outs of the reality behind why your pom looks like a fox. Let’s start!

Reasons your pomeranian looks like a fox

1. Appearance

There are some similarities between a pom and a fox. It makes you Pomeranians look like a fox. Pomeranians and foxes both share a lot of similar traits of appearance which make them look similar.

2. Grooming Issues

Most of the Pomeranians have soft fur which stays soft if groomed well. If the fur is not groomed, washed, and conditioned well then your pomeranian might take like a fox. So, take care of the appearance of your pomeranian so as not to make it look like a fox.

Here is a guide that I wrote about how to groom Pomeranian. It will really help your pomeranian look like a pomeranian.

3. Shedding

One big difference between Pomeranians and foxes is the density of fur. Pomeranians have dense and longer fur while foxes have shorter and touch fur. Your pom must be looking like a fox as it might be shedding. You can see this guide which I wrote about Pomeranian shedding. Hope it will help!

Courtesy: Pet Pom

4. Alertness

Foxes are more alert, so if you know foxes a lot then sometimes your Pomeranians might look like foxes. It’s more of a thought related. If your pom is active and looks like fox then it is good in my view point.

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