7 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are So Stubborn

I have had a stubborn golden retriever and I can understand how frustrating it is to face a stubborn golden retriever. This article is all about the reasons why golden retrievers are so stubborn. Let’s start!

Golden Retrievers can be stubborn because they are intelligent and independent dogs. They like to think for themselves and do not allow even the owner to mess with their rules. Another reason for their stubbornness is that they were bred to complete the tasks.

7 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are So Stubborn

1. Brainy Pups:

Golden Retrievers are super smart and they are meant to solve problems. They rely on their brains to find the solutions to complex problems that’s why sometimes they look so stubborn. The best thing is to let them do what they think is good and then tell them to follow your instructions.

For example, there was a golden retriever owner wild. He wanted the dog to stay in the tent but he was following him like nothing. The owner wanted to leave him near the tent but Golden was so stubborn that he was not even listening to the owner.

The reason behind this type of stubborness of Golden is he thinks he knows Wild better than anyone else so he wants to go with the owner.

2. Golden Retrievers Work Solo:

Golden Retrievers were bred to fetch things for hunters. So, they know what they are doing. In this regard, they do not listen to anyone and show stubborness. The solo working attitude of Golden Retrievers makes them stubborn sometimes.

3. Food Fanatics:

Golden Retrievers love to eat food. They sometimes do not listen to their owner if they are calling him and the Golden Retrievers have seen some food to snack on. For example, I saw a Golden Retriever owner who was saying that his dog left him in the hallway of the vet hospital.

He tagged his Golden Retrievers to be stubborn but he was not. Owners should focus on the strange behavior of the dog and the reasons for the stubborness of the goldens. The golden in the above example was not stubborn, he just wanted food to eat which is say in the backyard of the vet hospital.

4. Distracted Not Stubborn

Golden retrievers are like pure playkids. They like to play and stay in an enjoyable mood. This is why it is hard to train a golden retriever when they have some opportunity to play around.

When Golden Retrievers do not listen to their owners, the owners tag them as being stubborn but they do not focus on that Golden Retrievers just want some time to chill and then start again (maybe).

5. Tired not Stubbor

Golden Retrievers are not the dogs that never get bored. They might look stubborn when they are tired or bored.

6. Training is Key:

People say Golden Retrievers are stubborn while training and this is the biggest point where Golden Retrievers owners think that they cannot handle the stubbornness of the dog. However, I understand that the training is tough but training does not mean bypassing the basic instincts of dogs.

7. Social Butterflies:

Golden Retrievers are great at playing with other pets and humans. They like to play and stay around some groups to be social. If they are not socialized earlier in their lives they become hardheaded and difficult to train later.

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