When Do Catahoulas Calm Down? 10 Practical Tips [Real View]

Catahoulas are hyperactive and they rarely calm down as compared to the other dog breeds. If you have a Catahoulas puppy at home then you will see they are full pack of energy.

Catahoulas calm down when they turn to dogs at the age of 1 year. However, if you have well-trained Catahoulas puppies then they will take only 3 to 4 months to calm down.

I got a Catahoulas just to stay active (a bit active I mean) but my Catahoulas puppies never calmed down and it left me so frustrated that I had to give that dog to one of my friends.

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In this article, I will explain When Do Catahoulas Calm Down? We will also see how to train them to calm down (yes, I did not have time to train my Catahoulas) and how to stay with Catahoulas peacefully.

Things to consider while buying a Catahoulas

First thing first, if you are buying a Catahoulas then it is important to consider some facts so that you can calm down then earlier. You also need to avoid all the things that make Catahoulas restless.

  1. If you live in a small apartment then Catahoulas are not for you as they need a bigger space to move and play.
  2. If you do not have time to play with Catahoulas then Catahoulas are not for you as they are extreme attention seekers.

Prospective owners must evaluate whether a Catahoula aligns with their lifestyle, especially considering the breed’s unsuitability for first-time owners and apartment living.

When Do Catahoulas Calm Down?
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Secrets Behind Catahoulas Not Calming Down

When I first bought Catahoulas, (as I told you earlier) I wanted to stay a bit active.

But my Catahoulas made me super-busy that I was not able to write for this blog even.

So, the secret behind Catahoulas Do Not Calm Down is simple! It is how they were bred.

Catahoulas were bred to stay active in herding and hunting. Now, think of it like this!

Catahoulas are hunting and herd dogs but we want to make them domestic. This is just like trying to calm down a rock singer at a party.

Do Catahoula dogs calm down?

Yes, Catahoula calm down when they turn into dogs and if you have trained them well.
Catahoulas, known for their intelligence and energy, are inherently lively due to their herding and hunting lineage.

Catahoula‘s hyperactivity, aggressiveness, and stubbornness may manifest when they are neglected or not trained well.

Catahoulas Calm Down
Catahoulas Calm Down

The Calming Timeline To Calm Down:

Catahoulas generally start to calm down between the ages of 9 to 12 months. However, proactive measures, such as early engagement in agility and obedience training as early as 12 weeks, will accelerate the calming process of Catahoulas.

Patience is key!

Your a lot of attention, and a lot of training, coupled with physical exercise, contributes significantly to transforming a hyperactive Catahoula into a well-behaved companion.

Challenges in Calm Down Training For Catahoulas

Catahoulas are intelligent and strong independent streak.

Being intelligent and strong makes it difficult to train them and it is really a tough job as Catahoulas are stubborn sometimes, especially Catahoulas puppies.

Catahoulas establishing themselves as the leader!

There is the problem and they do not calm down as the boss or a leader does not calm down (you must be thinking my boss is a… no she is nice).

So, turn the table and it is crucial for effective training, requiring consistency and patience.

Effective Training Techniques For Catahoulas To Calm Down:

1. Respect and Leadership Awareness:

You need to establish respect and make your Catahoulas aware of your authority.

Do not be authoritative!

You know leading is not telling the authority of dogs or anyone.

You just need to tell your Catahoulas that they need to follow you. It will calm them down as they will start following your instructions.

Let me give an example!

Open the door and go out first, this will tell your Catahoulas who is the boss.

You need to teach the Catahoula to respect personal space.

2. Instill respect without inducing fear

I have asked a lot of owners how they correct the bad behavior of Catahoulas. Correct bad behavior firmly but calmly to instill respect without inducing fear.

It looks difficult but when I tell you the following example you will say, oh yeah!

Just use positive reinforcement.

Give your Catahoulas a treat when they calm down.

It will work like crazy!

3. Yes & No Training

This is close to drop and leave training for your Catahoulas.

You need to immediately give a reward when the dog calms down and avoid eye contact when Catahoulas are hyperactive.

I hope this one was simple!

Ah, I did not have time to do this all but I am happy to help people like you who are worried for their Catahoulas not calming down. 🙂

4. Socialization:

This one is simple!

Just take your Catahoulas to your family and friends.

Take them to the park and let them know to stay calm with strangers.

5. Creating a Peaceful Environment:

Maintain a calm demeanor to convey a sense of safety to your Catahoula.

Regular exercise helps dissipate excess energy, promoting relaxation.

6. Mind Stimulation Activities:

Mental stimulation is a great fund. You need to engage them in puzzle toys, interactive games, or training sessions that challenge their intelligence.

This is a trick to divert Catahoula’s energy which will make them calm.

7. Consistency:

Catahoulas thrive on predictability and structure, which can help channel their energy more effectively.

Consistency in training commands and expectations aids in reinforcing calming behavior.

8. Impulse Control Exercises:

Teaching them to wait patiently for meals or before entering/exiting doors helps in managing their exuberance.

Feed them properly and kame sure that they understand the time to eat.

Eating the right food at the right time will make Catahoulas calm down.

9. Channeling Energy through Work and Tasks:

Leverage their herding instincts by engaging Catahoulas in tasks like carrying a backpack on walks or playing retrieving games.

Consider enrolling them in some physical activity!

It will teach them how to calm down by I think draining their energy!

10. Calmness Training and Relaxation Techniques:

Teach relaxation cues like “settle” or “relax” to encourage calm behavior in specific situations.

Conclusion: When Do Catahoulas Calm Down?

Catahoulas calm down when they turn to dogs at the age of 1 year. However, if you have well-trained Catahoulas puppies then they will take only 3 to 4 months to calm down.

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