51 Top Female Westie Names [With Origin & Suitability]

What is a good title for a female West Highland terrier? Female West Highland White Terrier Dog Votes 4 Misty After the misty moors of Scotland 3 Bonnie Translated means pretty – just like your new friend 1 Bramble After the sharp bushes – it is such a neat title 1 Bindi Can mean beautiful and that applies perfectly to a Westie 28 more rows

What is the nickname for the West Highland White Terrier? The West Highland White Terrier, commonly known as the Westie, is a breed of dog from Scotland with a distinctive white harsh coat with a somewhat soft white undercoat.

Are female Westies affectionate? Extremely!! Her favorite place to nap: when I’m sitting/standing = my shoulder (slung over like a koala or something haha); when I’m also in bed = on my chest/belly. She can also be really catlike: she rubs her head and body all over my legs. Is your female westie affectionate? : r/WestHighlandTerriers – Reddit

BaileyEnglish, meaning “bailiff”Playful, energetic
BellaItalian, meaning “beautiful”Sweet, gentle
LunaLatin, meaning “moon”Independent, curious
LucyEnglish, meaning “light”Loyal, affectionate
DaisyEnglish, meaning “day’s eye”Cheerful, playful
ChloeGreek, meaning “green shoot”Intelligent, playful
LolaSpanish, meaning “lady of sorrows”Sweet, gentle
MaggieEnglish, meaning “pearl”Independent, stubborn
SophieGreek, meaning “wisdom”Gentle, affectionate
BuddyEnglish, meaning “comrade”Friendly, playful
MollyIrish, meaning “bitter”Loyal, affectionate
SadieHebrew, meaning “princess”Sweet, gentle
CooperEnglish, meaning “barrel maker”Energetic, playful
CharlieGerman, meaning “free man”Loyal, affectionate
RoxiePersian, meaning “dawn”Intelligent, playful
RubyLatin, meaning “red precious stone”Sweet, gentle
TuckerEnglish, meaning “to tuck”Energetic, playful
DaisyEnglish, meaning “day’s eye”Loyal, affectionate
LucyEnglish, meaning “light”Cheerful, playful
BellaItalian, meaning “beautiful”Intelligent, playful
BaileyEnglish, meaning “bailiff”Sweet, gentle
LunaLatin, meaning “moon”Playful, energetic
MollyIrish, meaning “bitter”Independent, stubborn
MaggieEnglish, meaning “pearl”Gentle, affectionate
ChloeGreek, meaning “green shoot”Loyal, affectionate
SophieGreek, meaning “wisdom”Sweet, gentle
BuddyEnglish, meaning “comrade”Friendly, playful
SadieHebrew, meaning “princess”Independent, curious
CooperEnglish, meaning “barrel maker”Intelligent, playful
CharlieGerman, meaning “free man”Cheerful, playful
RoxiePersian, meaning “dawn”Playful, energetic
RubyLatin, meaning “red precious stone”Sweet, gentle
TuckerEnglish, meaning “to tuck”Loyal, affectionate
LucyEnglish, meaning “light”Sweet, gentle
BellaItalian, meaning “beautiful”Independent, stubborn
BaileyEnglish, meaning “bailiff”Gentle, affectionate
LunaLatin, meaning “moon”Playful, energetic
MollyIrish, meaning “bitter”Loyal, affectionate
MaggieEnglish, meaning “pearl”Intelligent, playful
ChloeGreek, meaning “green shoot”Sweet, gentle
SophieGreek, meaning “wisdom”Playful, energetic
BuddyEnglish, meaning “comrade”Independent, curious
SadieHebrew, meaning “princess”Gentle, affectionate
CooperEnglish, meaning “barrel maker”Loyal, affectionate
CharlieGerman, meaning “free man”Sweet, gentle
RoxiePersian, meaning “dawn”Intelligent, playful
RubyLatin, meaning “red precious stone”Playful, energetic
TuckerEnglish, meaning “to tuck”Independent, curious
DaisyEnglish, meaning “day’s eye”Sweet, gentle
Top Female Westie Names

What is the temperament of a female Westie? Most people think of a male dog as a strong alpha and the female dogs as sweet little princesses. Like most breeds of dogs, the female Westie can be a strong and determined alpha who is more than willing to step it up and lead the pack. Westitude, the Winning Westie Temperament

What is the perfect female dog name? Most Popular Girl Dog Names Luna Lily Lulu Lucy Honey Maple Bailey Poppy Cali Rosie Sophie Freya Sadie Pepper Ginger

“What is a loyal female dog name? Female Dog Names Meaning Faithful Votes Name 4 Leala French name meaning “faithful” 3 Amina Arabic name meaning “faithful” 3 Mimi Means “faithful guard” in French 2 Ivy English name meaning “faithfulness” 26 more rows Dog Names Meaning Faithful | Popular Male and Female

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