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Rover Reviews For Owners: Real User Experience

Rover’s overall rating of 1.36 stars from 559 reviews reflects a substantial level of dissatisfaction among customers.

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As dog owners, ensuring our pets receive the best care is a top priority. Rover, with its diverse range of services, offers solutions for various pet care needs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the different Rover services, factors to consider before choosing one, in-depth reviews, comparisons, and essential tips for a positive Rover experience.

I. Rover Reviews For Owners

a. Rover’s Current Standing

Rover’s overall rating of 1.36 stars from 559 reviews reflects a substantial level of dissatisfaction among customers. Complaints predominantly revolve around customer service, pet sitter reliability, and unresolved issues. For instance, a user, K W., expressed frustration, stating that despite initially responsive communication, Rover eventually “ghosted” them after a pet sitting mishap. The lack of responsiveness showcased a disconcerting trend in addressing customer concerns.

b. Types of Rover Services in Question

While Rover offers dog walking, boarding, and sitting services, critical highlights from reviews highlight substantial issues, especially with pet sitters. Anthony P.’s review highlighted an instance where a sitter, Terry, created problems and attempted to charge extra, showcasing potential issues in reliability and communication.

These examples indicate broader concerns that echo through multiple user experiences, outlining a trend of unreliable or unsatisfactory service provision, especially in critical areas like communication, reliability, and handling unexpected situations.

II. Factors to Consider Amidst Rover’s Mixed Reputation

a. Assessing Safety Protocols

The critical highlights from user reviews shed light on safety concerns within Rover’s services. Robyn R.’s distressing experience of a sitter losing her cat due to negligence highlighted lapses in the platform’s vetting or monitoring process for sitters. Vaclav S.’s account of his dog being injured due to the sitter’s incompetence emphasized the platform’s failure to ensure the safety and well-being of pets under their care.

b. Evaluating Customer Support

Several reviews pointed towards deficiencies in Rover’s customer support. Users like K W. and Anthony P. expressed dissatisfaction with Rover’s response or lack thereof when faced with issues regarding pet sitters or service disruptions. This lack of effective follow-up and resolution illustrates gaps in the platform’s customer service structure.

III. Pet-sitting Industry

The following table highlights the growth and significance of the pet-sitting industry:

YearIndustry Worth (in millions)Projected Worth (by 2027)CAGR
Pet sitting industry

And let’s delve into the distribution within the pet-sitting industry:

ServicePercentage Share
Dog sitters40%
Dog transportationHigh demand
Dog groomingHigh demand
Pet sitting industry

The prominence of dog sitters, accounting for 40% of the industry, underscores the demand for pet care services.

IV. Why has Rover gained such widespread appeal?

The rise of our hectic lifestyles has propelled Rover’s popularity. With our increasing focus on work and daily routines, our beloved pets often took a backseat, and this is where Rover stepped in.

As workplaces resumed operations following the initial pandemic-induced lockdowns, the demand for Rover surged once more. Notably, Rover diligently conducts background checks on all caregivers, ensuring a secure environment for your furry companion.

Moreover, the app predominantly features sitters in your vicinity, elevating the likelihood of your pet staying with someone familiar. Alongside top-notch 24/7 assistance and access to veterinary consultations, Rover stands as the ultimate aspiration for every pet owner.

V. How does Rover work for dog owners?

Rover is a platform that connects dog owners with trusted pet sitters and dog walkers. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

For Dog Owners:

  • Creating a Profile: Dog owners create profiles for their pets, detailing their needs, routines, and any special requirements as shown in the image below.

Click Sign up on the Rover homepage to get started as an owner!

You can see my account has been created.

  • Finding Services: Owners can search for local dog sitters or walkers based on location, availability, services offered, and reviews.

You can see what I selected according to my need. I have a dog which is of medium size and I need Rover house sitting services for 2 days.

  • Booking: Once they find a suitable sitter or walker, they can book services directly through the platform.

You can check the review of the dog sitters in rover and there are a lot of details to look into. I have pointed all with arrows.

  • Communication: The platform facilitates communication between the owner and the sitter/walker, allowing for updates, sharing of instructions, and coordination.
  • Payment: Payment is handled securely through the platform. Owners can pay for services, and sitters/walkers receive compensation for their work.

Rover’s Role:

  • Trust & Safety: Rover verifies sitters/walkers through background checks and allows users to leave reviews, ensuring accountability and trust within the community.
  • Support: Rover provides customer support to both owners and sitters/walkers, addressing any issues or questions that may arise during the process.

Overall, Rover serves as an intermediary platform, facilitating the connection between pet owners and caregivers while providing security and convenience for both parties.

VI. Rover Dog App’s Competitors

Wag!Online marketplace for pet sittersDog walking, boarding, dog sittingLarge network of sitters, convenient booking, in-app GPS trackingHigher fees than some competitors, potential inconsistency in sitter quality
PawshakeOnline marketplace for pet sittersDog walking, boarding, dog sittingAffordable service, international reach, background checks on sittersSmaller network of sitters than Wag!
Trusted HousesittersOnline community for pet sittersHouse sitting, pet sittingSecurity for both pets and homes, experienced sitters, affordableLimited availability of sitters for short-term stays
DogVacayOpen marketplace for pet sittersDog walking, boarding, dog sittingWide range of services, customizable options, sitter reviewsCan be more expensive than other platforms
Pet ParadisePet boarding facilitiesLuxurious boarding experience, 24/7 supervision, veterinary care on-siteHighest quality care, peace of mind for ownersTypically the most expensive option
Local pet shelters and rescuesVolunteer adoption and fostering programsRehoming or fostering homeless petsAffordable, ethical option, gives back to the communityMay not offer specific pet sitting services
Friends, family, and neighborsFree pet sitting by trusted individualsFamiliarity and comfort for your pet, personalized carePotential lack of reliability or experience
Rover Dog App’s Competitors

Note: This is not an exhaustive list, and the pros and cons may vary depending on your individual needs and location.

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