Red Tick Beagle: A Complete Guide

Red Tick Beagles are different from the regular Beagles
Red Tick Beagles

Red Tick Beagle – Ah.. I love the way Red Tick Beagle looks like. Red and white combination on the body with red tick!

Red Tick Beagles are one of my favorite dog breeds and I had one that I gifted to my sister!

The Red Tick Beagle is a special kind of Beagle dog that’s really captivating. It’s known for its red spots on a white fur coat

Overview: Red Tick Beagle

Well, let me say that people often confuse a Red Tick Beagle with a regular Beagle.

1. Red Tick Beagles Vs Regular Beagles

Red Tick Beagles are different from the regular Beagles in a number of aspects!

Red Tick BeaglesRegular Beagles
Distinct red coat with ticksTricolor or bicolor coat
Speckled/freckled appearanceMore uniform coat
Same Beagle characteristicsSame Beagle characteristics
Similar size and temperamentSimilar size and temperament
Red Tick Beagles are different from the regular Beagles
Red Tick Beagle
Regular Beagle

2. Why Red Tick Beagles Were Bred?

It has these cool red spots on its white fur, which make it stand out. This dog has been used for hunting for a long time and is really good at tracking things, especially small animals like rabbits.

3. What Red Tick Beagles‘re Like

Red Tick Beagles are friendly, curious, and full of energy. They’re really smart and can adapt well to being part of a family.

Fun Facts: Here’s something interesting: those red spots don’t show up on their fur right when they’re born. They actually appear as they grow up, making them look really unique.

4. How They Look

This is my favorite part of the post!

As I told you at the start of the article I love how they look like!

  • Coat: White with red or dark brown spots. (I wonder why they are not called brown tick beagles also)
  • Color: Mostly white with red or dark brown spots.
  • Weight: They usually weigh between 20 to 30 pounds, but it can vary.

5. Their Personality

Red Tick Beagle love staying around other people. They are so social!

I mean a lot “social”!

When I took my Red Tick Beagle home, he was visiting every person in my house and he was just 4 months old.

They’re super friendly and love being around people. They’re playful, which makes them awesome pets for families or individuals.

6. Taking Care of Red Tick Beagle

This is important as every dog needs to be groomed well. So here are tips on how to take care of Red Tick Beagle!

a. Food:

Red Tick Beagles do not need special food but as they are active they need high-energy food. They need good-quality food that matches their age and how active they are.

b. Exercise:

Being an active breed, Red Tick Beagles are not for those people who are not active and do not like going out. They need regular exercise and mental challenges to stay healthy and happy.

c. Health:

Like all dogs, they are not super immune to diseases. They can have health issues, but with regular vet check-ups, most can be prevented.

They can get some allergies, eye issues, thyroid issues, and some ear infections.

7. How Long Red Tick Beagle Live

Red Tick Beagles live around 12 to 15 years if they get proper care. This is an average number.

8. Training and Some Extra Bits

Red Tick Beagles are great at following instructions. They love to stay with humans (as I told earlier in this article) so they are good at getting trained.

I once met one client who hired me to write some content about his Red Tick Beagle.

During a meeting, she said that her Red Tick Beagle knows all the door keys and this is what she trained her for.

You can access how intelligent Red Tick Beagles are and to how much extent can you train them.

Pros And Cons Of Red Tick Beagle


  • Friendly and sociable
  • Loyal to their family
  • Can adjust to different homes


  • They might get anxious if left alone too much
  • They need lots of exercise and things to keep their brains busy

Other Cool Beagle Varieties

There are other types of Beagles too! Like Lemon Beagles, which have a cool yellowish color, and Chocolate Beagles, which are pretty rare and have stunning brown fur.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a Red Tick Beagle, know that they’re amazing dogs who just need lots of love, attention, and care.

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