Golden Retriever Allergies

Golden Retriever Allergies – Seeing your dog starting to scratch his skin can really be frustrating. You instantly start to think, is it fleas? Is it dry skin? Or my Golden Retriever caught some allergy.

As we are talking about Golden Retriever Allergies then according to some research, Golden Retrievers can catch allergies more than any other dog breed. That can really put Golden dog owners in tension.

But no worries, allergies have treatments and you can control them. So if you are looking for something like this then keep reading this post till the end and you will find your answers. So, let’s get right into it!!

Signs That Shows Your Golden Retriever has Developed an Allergy

First thing first, you need to be sure if your dog really has developed some allergy or not. So to search for signs, keep the below-mentioned points in your mind.


Scratching is one of the most prominent signs that your dog has developed some allergy. If you notice your Golden Retriever scratching his coat or a constant area of his body then he might have some itching there. And this itching is produced because of allergic reactions.

And if you look closely and find that the place your dog is scratching is scabbed or red then it is definitely an allergy.

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Other Allergy Indicators

There are multiple indicators that can make you sure that your dog has one. Some of them are given below.

  • Sneezing (can be dust) 
  • Watery Eyes
  • Swollen Paws
  • Paw Chewing
  • Continues Licking
  • Snoring
  • Itchy Base of Tail/Back

Common Allergy Locations

golden retriever allergies

Allergy locations can be face, feet, ears, stomach, and muzzle. As we know, the eyes and ears of these dogs are so sensitive, so if they have signs of any allergies there then it needs to be treated properly.

Golden Retriever Allergies Treatment

There are several treatments available for different types of dog Allergies. Let’s talk about them.

Golden Retriever Allergies Skin

If your dog is having problems with skin like irritation, itch, or inflammation then it is a skin allergy. And a dog’s skin allergy can be treated by using hypoallergenic, organic, and sulfate-free shampoos.

golden retriever allergies treatment

So if your pet’s skin allergy is not severe then try using products that have a rich amount of anti-inflammatories like tree tea oil and aloe vera. You can easily find these good quality shampoos in any pet store or you can buy them from the button below.

Hot Spots

If you find some hot spots on your dog’s skin then you can use topical and organic sprays which are used to treat dogs’ hot spots. Click on the button below to buy one for your pet.

Golden Retriever Allergies Food

Golden Retrievers can develop food allergies too. If you notice your pet showing symptoms like frequently biting, itching, or scratching then it can be a food allergy.

So, if you think your pet has developed it then contact a veterinarian for an elimination diet for your four-legged child.

You can also try feeding your pet some new and single ingredient pet food for 2 months. Single-ingredient diets can show the best results in treating your dog’s food allergy.

If you go for an elimination diet then make sure it has only one source of animal protein, vegetable protein, and carbohydrate calories. For 2 months, don’t feed your pet any table food, flavored medication, or supplements.

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These things can affect the elimination diet. After 2 months, try feeding your Golden Retriever his regular food and switch to it slowly. See if he shows symptoms again. 

If you feel your dog is developing food allergies again then try to change his regular diet as it may have something that is not suitable for your pet. Feed him quality food with a rich amount of sunflower oil, healthy fats, and essential fatty acids.

Also, you can add a probiotic to your dog’s diet. According to some research, probiotics can increase the strength of his body to fight allergic reactions like food allergies.

Causes of Allergy- Golden Retrievers

golden retriever allergies food

Golden Retrievers can show allergic reactions to anything from tree pollens, ragweeds, insects, grass, dust to mold.

If we talk about household products then your dog can be allergic to fabrics, perfumes, and cleaning products. Even your pet’s self-care products like shampoos can also cause dog allergies and can affect his health.

If you think your Golden is prone to his regular food then its cause can be grains or proteins that can be found in common dog food. Some dogs can be allergic to cigarettes and smoke as well. 

So, it is important to know the cause of your pet’s reaction and you need to avoid it so that your pet won’t get it again once he is recovered.

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Golden Retriever Allergic to Chicken

Golden Retrievers can be allergic to chicken as some food allergies are caused by proteins, especially from those which can be found in chicken, lamb, beef, and dairy products.

If your dog’s food has these substances then by eating it, antibiotics react and your dog will start showing symptoms. If your dog is having a chicken allergy then he can show symptoms like diarrhea, obsessive licking, and vomiting. 

Golden Retriever Allergies Eyes

Most Golden Retriever owners ask specifically about eye allergies so if you find your dog’s eyes red or watery then it can be Distichiasis.

“Distichiasis is a condition caused by extra hairs that grow inside of the eyelid and rub on the surface of the eye.” It can cause severe pain.

Talking about Golden Retrievers, these big dogs are more likely to catch this allergic condition than other dog breeds.


There are multiple options available to treat your dog’s eye allergies. But you should talk to the vet before trying any of them to get the best for your dog.

Also, you can head over to Dog Eye Allergies: Symptoms and Treatment for more information.

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds – Golden Retrievers

Before diving into it, you need to know what it means by a hypoallergenic dog. The simplest explanation for a hypoallergenic dog is, the dogs which are hypoallergenic are “relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction”.

Some research has shown that there is no 100% hypoallergenic dog breed. 

Talking about Golden Retrievers, they are not hypoallergenic dog breeds and they shed a lot. They can catch allergies easily so you have to take care of them from this aspect.

Can Dog Allergies be Prevented – Golden Retrievers

If you know the cause of the allergy then you can try to prevent it by removing those things. But still, there are chances that your dog will get that allergy from somewhere.

They can be allergic to anything else that you don’t even know of and you can’t control it. But these diseases will go away with your Golden’s grooming. 

So make yourself comfortable with knowing that you didn’t do anything wrong. Your dog was happy and healthy before the allergy and he will be happy and healthy after he is treated properly.

Final Words

In this article, I have explained everything about Golden Retriever Allergies. I have written about the things which can cause an allergic reaction to this dog breed.

So keep your dog clean and comfortable as Goldens are not hypoallergenic so they can catch reactions faster than other dogs. Take care of your dog’s health and regular grooming. Keep the advice of his vet at priority even if the allergy is severe or mild. 


Q. Are Golden Retrievers bad for allergies?

Yes, Golden Retrievers are bad for allergies. They shed a lot, that’s why they are not suitable pets for people with allergies.

Q. What are the worst dogs for allergies?

Pekingese, Basset Hound, Siberian Husky, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, and Bulldog are among the worst dogs for allergies. 

Q. What is the most common allergy in Golden Retrievers? 

The most common allergy in Golden Retrievers is “Atopy”. It is a skin allergy in which the belly, feet, and ears can be affected. 

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