Dog Collars For Golden Retrievers

Dog Collars For Golden Retrievers – Golden Retrievers are playful dogs, they love to go outdoors. And for this kind of dog, you definitely need a dog collar!

But the problem is, how to choose the best collar for your Golden Retriever as there are thousands of choices for different breeds. And you don’t know which one will suit your buddy.

So here I am, a veterinarian who knows exactly what your Golden needs. In this article, you will get to know all the ins and outs of buying dog collars for Golden Retrievers with some tips and a size guide!!

Also, I have added a list of the best dog collars for Golden Retrievers available out there with beautiful style. So you can check them out and also can buy them by clicking on the button below.

So let’s start, shall we?

Things to Take Care of While Buying a Collar For Your Golden Retriever

So here I’m adding some tips which will be definitely helpful for you to choose your Golden’s collar like a pro! 

  • As you know, this breed is famous for its long hair. Keeping it in mind, you need to buy a collar that is a bit loose from your dog’s neck size. Because a tight collar can get rubbed a lot with your Golden’s fur and you will see his hair breaking.
  • Don’t buy a heavy collar because your dog will not be able to move freely with that. Go for a lightweight one, especially if you have a puppy.
  • Goldens are pretty active dogs so they need a wide collar for better support and strength. And if we talk about the exact width then for these dogs, the collar should be 1 inch wide for puppies and 1½ inch for adults.
  • Your Retriever’s collar should be long enough that it can easily fit two fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar.
  • The collar should be loose but at the same time, it should be able to pull your dog comfortably without choking him1.

Understood all of these? Let’s move to the next point!!

Why Does My Golden Retriever Need a Collar? 

And here we are! A lot of people wonder, why does my pet need to wear a collar? What are collars for? What is their purpose? So let’s clear it for once and all.

Your dog might need a collar when going out for walks because that’s the only thing you can attach a leash with. And even if you don’t use any leash for walks, your dog still needs the collar.

Why? Well, there is a D-Ring on every collar that is used to attach identity information. So if your buddy sometimes goes to explore the world alone then that identity information will help to bring him back in your arms. 

Also, in some places, it is illegal for dogs to go out without a license or collar. So you will need some space to attach the permit and a dog collar provides you that space.

So it’s best to buy a collar even if your dog is an adult or puppy.

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Types of Collars for Golden Retrievers

There are two basic dog collar types that can be good for a Retriever dog.

  • Flat Collars
  • Rolled Collars

Let’s talk about both of them! 

Flat Collars – Dog Collars For Golden Retrievers

Flat collars are padded and can provide comfort as well as support. They mostly come with a plastic snap or buckle closure. They also have a ring so that you can attach the identification tag.

Rolled Collars – Dog Collars For Golden Retrievers

Rolled collars work great for dogs of this breed because they don’t get tangled in the dog’s fur. Also, rolled collars are durable and easy to hold.

Which One to Choose

Well, for a Golden Retriever owner, both rolled collars and flat collars work well so you can go for any of them. But if you see that your dog is uncomfortable with the one he is wearing then buy the other type.

Also, if your dog is young then you can buy a collar with a buckle fastener if he is not good with snap fasteners. But if you are buying a collar for Golden Retriever puppy then get a collar with a snap fastener as it will help you to free him faster.

Golden Retriever Collar Size

So this is where most dog owners get stuck because they don’t know which neck size to buy. No worries, I’m here to help. Below you can find your Golden Retriever collar size by age and weight. 

Let’s find the perfect size for your sturdy dog!

AgeWeightAverage Collar Size
8-10 Weeks (Puppy) 5-22 lbs6-9 inches
11 Months to 2 Years (Adult)55-75 lbs16-24 inches
Golden Retriever Collar Size Chart

If you find difficulty finding the best collar size with age and weight then you can simply measure your dog’s neck and find the best one! 

I hope this guide helped. With the help of it, you can buy the best collar for Golden Retriever puppy and adult as well. Now you are ready to pick the best dog collar with the perfect size for your four-legged child.

So let’s see what we have here!

Amazing Dog Collars For Golden Retrievers (With Matching Leashes) 

Select the best one for your friend from these top reviewed collars. And as a bonus, you will get a link to matching leashes too with each collar!

Let’s go!!

1. Kruz Pet Dog Collar – Dog Collars For Golden Retrievers

dog collars for golden retrievers

This good-quality O-Ring dog collar can be the one your dog needs. It comes in 4 sizes and 3 colors (red, blue, grey, orange). It is an adjustable heavy-duty collar made of Nylon.

It is soft, comfortable, durable, and completely safe for your pet. The collar has a buckle attached and also provides a breakaway system that won’t allow your dog to slip out of the leash.

It has 1,506 reviews with a 4.5-star rating!

Another amazing thing about this collar is, it has a reflective thread that reflects light. This means your dog will be safe during night walks as the collar will boost visibility in the dark.

Key Features

  • 100% Nylon
  • Wide
  • Adjustable
  • 2mm Reflective Thread
  • Strong D-Ring for ID Tag and Leash
  • Comfortable and Soft Padding

2. Sleepy Pup Dog Collar

best dog collars for golden retrievers

Does your dog love swimming? Gotcha! 

Here we have this plain black Polyester collar which is going to give a classic look on your dog’s neck. It is made with webbing technology and it can handle big dogs like Golden Retrievers easily. 

Also, this dog collar is waterproof, so no worries about taking the collar off before swimming. The thing that makes this collar different from others is, it doesn’t get smelly like common polyester and nylon collars. 

If you ever need to wash this collar, just put it in some soapy water, rub a little and the collar will be cleaned. This collar is also weatherproof so it will be flexible and soft at below-freezing temperatures as well. 

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Key Features

  • Soft Rubbery Feel
  • Extra Thick
  • Waterproof
  • Stainless D-Ring

Click on the button below to check the price 🙂

‎3. Buckle Down Multicolour Dog Collar

cute dog collars for golden retrievers

If you are a person who likes vibrant colors then this multicolor dog collar can be a good choice for your Golden Retriever. The collar is made of nylon and will surely keep your dog comfortable.

It has a buckle attached for closure and it is available in medium size only. This collar has a 4.9-star overall rating and the amazing thing is, it comes with a 1-year warranty!!

Key Features

  • Fits 11-17 Neck
  • Strong D-Ring
  • Wide
  • Your dog can find his favorite color in it! 🙂

4. Buckle Down Galaxy Dog Collar – Dog Collars For Golden Retrievers

dog collars for golden retrievers

This one comes in cute dog collars for Golden Retrievers. It has 4.3 overall ratings and looks pretty good. 

A mixture of black and blue will really suit your Golden. It comes in a lot of sizes, so you can easily search for the one you think will fit your pup.

The collar is made of durable steel components and quality material. The closure type of this collar is a buckle that is really strong and authentic.

Key Features

  • Available in 1 and 1.5 inches (width) 
  • Stainless D-Ring
  • Comfortable and Soft Padding
  • Vibrant Color

5. Buckle-Down Purple Dog Collar

golden retriever collar size

Here’s my other favorite collar from Buckle Down and believe me, the purple color really looks beautiful on Golden Retrievers! 

The collar is made of high-quality polyester and steel components. It also has an amazing buckle that provides a quick release, a good choice for your puppy. 

It is available in different sizes so you can buy the perfect measure for your pet. So make your dog wear this collar and see him becoming the talk of the town! 

Key Features

  • Stainless D-Ring
  • Good Color Combination
  • Vibrant Color
  • Soft Padding

6. Buckle-Down Scooby Doo Dog Collar

golden retriever collar size by age

I am a fan of this one. Who can imagine that you can get a dog collar with Scooby-Doo printed on it!! 

Yes, you heard right. This cute Scooby Doo collar is really going to suit your boy. So, if you are looking for something unique then go for it right now! 

The collar is super strong and it will be a perfect fit for your buddy. Also, it is durable, super comfortable, and made of high-quality material. 

Key Features

  • Nice and Unique
  • Soft and Strong
  • Stainless Buckle and D-Ring
  • Wide

7. Pet Safe Martingale Dog Collar

best collar for golden retriever uk

If you think you will have a hard time putting the collar on or taking off your dog then this collar is for you! 

This new style collar comes with a quick snap buckle that makes it super easy to put on and take off. Also, this martingale collar is much safer for your dog as it only tightens when it needs to be.

That means, it tightens when your pup pulls and loosens when he stops. So no risks!

Also, it has 10,940 reviews with a 4.5-star rating. Dog owners are really loving it!!

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Key Features

  • Adjustable
  • Never too Tight
  • Available in Many Colors
  • Quick Snap Buckle
  • Soft and Comfortable

Conclusion – Dog Collars For Golden Retrievers

Your dog depends on you to keep him happy and comfortable. And if you ask me then the best way to do this is, play with him and give him time. 

Also, dog collars that are soft, comfortable, and keep your buddy safe can be a great investment in happiness. So add the best collars from our selected items into your cart right now!

And if you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask in the comments below! 🙂 

FAQs – Dog Collars For Golden Retrievers

Q. What type of collar is best for a Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers have long hair, so buy a collar that won’t get tangled in their fur. And for type, you can go for both rolled and flat collars. The width of the collar for dogs of this breed should be 1 inch for puppies and 1.5 inches for adults.

Q. What size dog collar do I need for a Golden Retriever?

The average collar size for Golden Retrievers is 16-24 inches (55-75 lbs)2. And if you have a Golden Retriever puppy then it will be 6-9 inches (5-22 lbs). Also, it is best to measure your dog’s neck before buying the collar. 

Q. What color collar looks best on a Golden Retriever?

Confused about Golden Retriever collar color? Hear me out! 

If your Golden’s coat is tan or brown then you should avoid collars with red tones. But if you got a dog in light brown, light white or grey coat then you can buy any color for them. Also, they look best in purple, red, and pink.

Q. Is a collar or harness better for a Golden Retriever?

Some people wonder, which one is better? Collar or harness for Golden Retriever? 

I’d say a harness is a great option to keep your dog safe3. Because it won’t hurt your dog even if he pulls. Also, if your dog is doing no pull training then a harness with a front leash can be a good training tool.


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