Do Rottweilers Brains Outgrow Their Skull

Do Rottweilers’ Brains Outgrow Their Skulls? The myth that says a Rottweiler’s mind can grow beyond their skull is just that – an unsubstantiated myth. Although the source of this myth and similar ones aren’t known but their widespread use is attributed to discrimination based on race against Rottweilers as well as other bully breeds. … Read more

Do Rat Terriers Howl

Rat Terrier Howl The members from Rat Terriers Rat Terrier dogs have adorable small digging escape artists that are true Terriers that are feisty, hilarious active, vibrant vermin-chasing and in no way capable of boring. As stubby as they come They aren’t keen in attracting people However, those who love them are laughing every day. … Read more

What Size Collar For 8 Week Old Golden Retriever

What Size Collar For The 8 Week Old Golden Retriever 12-16 inches Sizing is crucial to take into consideration It is recommended to test your puppy’s neck prior purchasing. However, if you don’t have a pup yet, then you are able to take an educated guess based upon the reviews. I purchased Ellie eight weeks … Read more