Can Golden Retrievers Swim

Can Golden Retrievers Swim- Golden Retrievers love water and anything they do with it becomes an adventure. Many of them have been trained to fetch water or retrieve birds.

They are great dogs for individuals who live on a lake or in the ocean and those who enjoy the outdoors. They can be loving and affectionate, but they do need some human contact to stay happy.

You can introduce them to water early in life to help them develop the skills they need to swim and be trained to get along with other animals they come in contact with.

Can Golden Retrievers Swim?

Yes, they are good swimmers and they feel comfortable in the water. Golden Retrievers take to the water so easily if you expose them to it when they are puppies.

While many breeds of dogs may not enjoy swimming due to the water getting in their eyes, these are very special dogs. 

Golden Retrievers Can’t Swim?

Some people think that golden retrievers can’t swim because they don’t have a good muscle structure or because they’re just big dog breeds. This is not true. These dogs like to exercise, and they like swimming a lot.

Furthermore, swimming can really help them burn off their extra energy, plus they’ll feel great being around other animals like dogs.

Golden Retriever Puppies Swimming

Can Golden Retrievers swim at a small age? Yes! 

You can start your Golden Retriever first time swimming lesson when they are 2-3 months old. At this age, they become old enough to handle the water. 

You can take them to a pond or lake to get your Golden Retriever puppies swim. 

Are Golden Retrievers Nervous of Water?

It’s a fact that Golden Retrievers are great swimmers but sometimes, they can be nervous of water or can develop a fear of water. It happens mostly when the water is moving or deep like a river or lake. 

There can be multiple reasons for this fear like your dog may not be introduced to water properly at an early age or something traumatic happened while your Golden was playing with water. Any breed of dog can face this problem including Golden Retriever 

So to avoid this, try to give your Golden Retriever swimming lessons and let them be comfortable with water.

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Can Golden Retrievers Swim Underwater?

golden retriever first time swimming

You might be amazed to hear that Golden Retrievers can swim underwater too!! 

As we know they love water, so they know how to swim under it as well. They can hold their breath for a short time while swimming underwater.

How to Teach Your Golden Retriever Puppy to Swim?

As these dogs are bred to be good swimmers, you won’t face any difficulty in teaching them as they are so easy to train. But some Goldens face a little problem while swimming as they might don’t have an interest.

So to teach your Golden Retriever to swim, you will have to introduce them to water at a small age (8 to 12 weeks). If your dog becomes comfortable with water at a young age, they won’t have any problem with swimming. Over time, your dog’s confidence will boost and they will start swimming boldly.

Now, let’s take a look at How to Teach a Golden Retriever Puppy to Swim.

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Tips for Golden Retriever Swimming

1- In the beginning, you should start with a paddling pool as it will help to boost the confidence of your Golden Retriever puppy. Don’t force your puppy into the water, let him analyze it, and to help him with that, you can put his favorite toy into the water.

2- Make your puppy comfortable with shallow water first and then go for deeper water. If you ask my opinion on it then I would recommend you take your dog to a lake or beach with a shallow shoreline to get them used to moving and deeper water.

3- Let your Golden Retriever puppy walk on a leash, side by side to the water, slowly moving inwards, and walk by their side. Let your dog to get used to the water by walking on the leash.

By this, your puppy will know about the moving tide. Also, if you feel that your puppy is scared then move him away from the water and try again after some time.

4- In most cases, you won’t see your Golden Retriever being scared of water as mostly, they are so eager to play with it. You might find yourself more nervous than the dog as he goes in the water.

5- So, to keep yourself satisfied and your dog safe, you can use a dog life jacket before letting your puppy get into the water. If the water is deep, I would recommend using one as your dog doesn’t know a lot about swimming initially.

golden retriever swimming pool

How to Teach an Older Golden Retriever to Swim?

In case your Golden Retriever is older then you might find him a little nervous of water as compared to a puppy. So, to overcome his fear, you can put his favorite toy in the water, he will start playing with that and will forget his fear. Furthermore, you can get into the water with him by which he will know that the water is safe and there is nothing to be scared of.

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Can Golden Retrievers Swim at the Swimming Pool?

This is an excellent question and one that should be carefully considered before deciding if your pet should swim. The short answer is yes, they can swim in the pool, but they need some special consideration in cold weather.

However, you should know a few important facts about the breed before you take your Golden Retriever swimming. These facts will help you determine whether or not your dog will enjoy a swim.

1- Golden Retrievers Love to Splash

Golden Retrievers splash around in pool. This is actually their nature. As a matter of fact, they are one of the most athletic dogs on the planet.

This athletic ability comes from their natural tendencies to play in the water. When you see a golden retriever in the water you are seeing dogs that love to play.

2- Cold Water – Can Golden Retriever Swim

This point can be answered to the most asked question, Can golden retrievers swim in cold water? 

Golden retrievers love to frolic in the cool, refreshing water of a pool. They love to jump, stretch, and dive for their food and water. When they jump, they get webbed feet, which helps them to swim effectively.

3- Freezing Weathers

Golden Retrievers love to swim even when it’s freezing outside. Yes, that is right – even in the dead of winter.

But the idea of letting your Golden Retriever swim in cold weather is not good. Just like humans, they can get cold if they are exposed to cold weather for a long time.

It is a fact that they can tolerate cold easily because of their lustrous double-layered coat but if the temperature drops below 6°C then you should look out for them. 

4- Webbed Feet

Goldens love water and as they have webbed feet, this is very important to them. Their paws work like oars on the open water.

These dogs also have a tendency to get their hair wet. So they would like to swim. But a lot of people ask, what should I do if I can’t take my dog for a swim? 

If you can’t take them for swimming then the best thing to do is take them in the tub and leave them in there for a bit. Letting your golden retriever swim in a tub is also ok because they love to come in contact with water.

5- Play in Snow

Golden Retrievers like to play in the snow. Again, if your retriever has webbed feet this is very important to them. Just let your retriever play in the snow for a bit before taking them in.

This will keep their paws nice and webbed and the best part is that it keeps them from being too cold when you take them out the next day.

A question was asked multiple times in our recent posts: how long should I let my Golden Retriever play with snow? The answer is, don’t let your Golden Retriever play with snow for more than half an hour.

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6- Golden Retrievers Like The Beach

golden retriever swimming

If Retrievers love winter, they love summer too! So if you want your Golden Retriever to have some fun during summer, you can take them to the beach.

Some curious dog owners also ask, do golden retrievers like the beach?

Things to Take Care Of While Taking Your Dog for Swim

A lot of people ask, how to keep your Golden Retriever safe on the water? This point can be used as an answer to it.

There are some things which you will have to take care of while taking your Golden Retriever for a swim. Of course, you don’t want your dog to be harmed. So, follow these and give a happy swimming experience to your puppy. 

  • If you are taking your dog to some lake or river then you will have to make sure there are no dangerous plants or animals. Some lakes and rivers have harmful bacteria and toxic algae that can cause problems to your dog if consumed. 
  • Many rivers and lakes are full of sharp objects or trash. So before letting your dog go into the water, you will have to make sure that the water is clean. Because if your dog walks on or swallows anything like this, it can be harmful.
  • As I said earlier, use a dog life jacket. It can give extra protection to your dog. These jackets also work great for injured dogs, older dogs, and dogs who are nervous of water.
  • It’s a good idea to bring some fresh water and a dog-friendly first aid kit. As I said earlier, seawater can be harmful to your dog so use some freshwater when your dog feels thirty. And the first aid kit if your dog gets a cut or any other injury.
  • When your dog is done swimming, dry him up with a towel. It’s very necessary to check your Golden’s paws, ears, belly, and legs. If not dried then your dog can get an infection or itch because of microorganisms and chemicals present in water. Your Golden Retriever’s ears can be infected easily if not dried up properly. So, clean their ears but not with a towel as it can damage their eardrum. Furthermore, dry up the leg joints and underside of the elbow of your dog properly too.

What Are The Benefits Of Swimming For A Golden Retriever?

Swimming can be very beneficial to Golden Retrievers. And it has more benefits if your dog is injured, overweight or older. 

can golden retrievers swim in cold water

Golden Retrievers are classified as large dogs, so they really need to burn some energy to be healthy. Because of their large size, they can become overweight. According to a 2018 survey, nearly 55% of dogs in America are overweight and their reason is, overfeeding and lack of exercise.

Normal Weight Range – Golden Retrievers

Females Males

If your Golden Retriever is overweight then he can suffer from weaker muscles, damaged joints, and soft tissue damage. If they don’t walk much then they can get hot spots and sores on shoulders, elbows, and stomach.

Furthermore, hip and elbow dysplasia can affect around 20% of Golden Retrievers, and if your dog is already overweight then the effects can go worse.

So to avoid all these things, you can take your dog swimming once or twice a week. It can help them to burn calories and can make their joints strong.

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Final Words

In this article, I have answered almost all questions about Golden Retriever Swimming. So take your dog for a swim, let him have a good time in the water with his best friends, and see him becoming more social and happy 🙂

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