Are Shiba Inus Related To Foxes?

Shiba Inus and foxes are both from the Canidae family. However, Shiba Inus are not related To Foxes. Shiba Inus are domesticated dogs and foxes are not domestic. Foxes live in the wild which also marks the difference between Shiba Inu and Foxes.

I just wrote an article about foxes and I was amazed to see how much a lot of dog breeds are related to foxes in terms of appearance. Shiba Inus are one of those dog breeds which have been confused to be related to foxes.

1. Appearance

The appearance of Shiba Inu confuses dog owners and some dog lovers and they start thinking that Shiba Inu and foxes are related. They also think that these 2 different animals must have come from the same lineage or genre. Basically, the pointed ears, triangular noses, and almond-shaped eyes of both Shiba Inu and foxes make them look alike to a lot of extent.

Are Shiba Inus Related To Foxes?

2. Agility

Both foxes and Shiba Inu are active so they can be confused with foxes. Both are great at escaping from their cages or yards.

3. Intellect

Both Shiba Inu and foxes are intelligent and are known for their problem-solving skills.

4. Interactive and plaful

Both Shiba Inu and foxes like playing. They interact with animals and play with humans. This also makes Shiba Inu related to foxes.

How Shiba Inus are not related to Foxes

1. Appearance

Although there are several similarities between Fox and Shiba Inu there are some appearance differences between the both. Foxes are smaller as compared to Shiba Inu and they have thinner coats.

2. Tail

As shown in the picture above, The tail of foxes is bushy and rough in touch but the tail of Shiba Inu is curled and comparatively softer.

Moreover, Shiba Inus are loyal and they are carnivores plus omnivores.

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