Are Golden Retrievers Cat Friendly?

Are golden retrievers cat-friendly is seeking much attention from pet lovers. It is clear to everybody that dogs and cats have a long history of being opponents. But cats and dogs can live happy life with one another and even become good friends.

In any case, let’s see, are golden retrievers good with cats or not?

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Cats?

Do golden retrievers get along well with cats? The answer is ‘’yes’’. The golden retrievers can get along well with cats if we provide the proper training, exercise, and social interaction classes.

Goldens are a friendly breed 1. They have a caring and playful nature and can live happily with cats. They have a soft corner for the little animals and kids.

Though they have different personalities, you would be amazed to see them becoming great friends.

Hollywood has also claimed that dogs and cats can live in harmony. You must be cool while welcoming other pets as a family member.

Do You Have A Golden Retriever And Are Thinking Of Welcoming A Cat?

First of all, you must keep in mind the nature of your golden retriever while bringing a new cat.

  • Does your golden retriever love chasing furry cats and other small animals?
  • Do they have a strong sense of ownership over their residence?
  • Has your golden retriever ever had a poor time with cats?

If it is yes in any of these questions, you must avoid bringing a cat to your home.


  • What is the age of your golden?
  • Is your dog a wild animal?

If yes, you must wait for some time before introducing a new feline. 

  • Is it a grumpy old dog who hasn’t changed his ways for a long time?

In this case, your golden may not allow any feline as a new family member.

  • Is your golden retriever given training, socialization, and exercise classes?

If yes, your dog may live a happy life with a new feline.

Moreover, the same is the case with felines.

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Do You Have A Cat And Are Thinking Of Welcoming A Golden Retriever?

Please keep in mind these questions before bringing a new dog to your home because it will be suitable for both the dog and cat.

  • Does your cat have any past experience of living with dogs?
  • Has your cat ever had a poor time with a golden retriever or with any dog?
  • Do they have a calm nature?
  • Are they friendly with other animals?

You must remember the wild nature of dogs before bringing them into your home because they may create offense with other animals.

8 Simple Tips To Interact Golden Retriever With A Cat

are golden retrievers good with cats

If you have made up your mind to bring a new cat or golden retriever, then you must introduce them in a friendly way with one another.

If you don’t introduce them in a good way, then it may be harmful.

Furthermore, cats and dogs might live a happy life if you create a suitable environment for them. 

These are 8 simple tips to interact with a golden retriever with a cat.

  • Feed them separately.
  • First meetings must be short.
  • Each meeting should end in a positive way.
  • Keep the golden retriever on a leash so that you may control it easily.
  • Don’t catch any pet in your hands and let them move as they want in the first meetings.
  • Keep some toys 2 for golden retrievers and cats to create a positive experience in the first meetings.
  • Keep them in a separate room for the first 4-5 days so that they may get accustomed to each other’s voices and smells. 

Top 5 Tips For The Cats And Golden Retrievers To Live Together

Here are the top 5 tips for creating a happy and healthy environment between the cats and golden retrievers.

  • Maintain control over your golden retriever’s power.
  • Everyone is aware of the chasing nature of dogs. In order to prevent cats from dogs, you must maintain the energy level of your golden retriever. 
  • You may play, train or give toys to your dogs in order to maintain their energy level. 
  • As previously stated, the training has a significant role in maintaining the energy level. Moreover, it is also beneficial for self-control. 
  • Make sure that all animals have their own secure area, especially cats.
  • They shouldn’t be in the same room. Make sure that cats have their own separate living room where they feel secure from dogs and have all the necessary things of their living, such as
  • Toys
  • Water and edible things
  • Litterbox
  • Scratching post

Punishment And Reinforcement Based On Behavior

Cat and dog coaching is primarily concerned with teaching behavior by rewarding good behavior and punishing bad behavior. 

Positive reinforcement plays a vital role in training animals, especially golden retrievers. You can give a toy as a reward for reinforcement and punish them by denying playing or something else.

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Signs That Shows Cat And Golden Retriever Do Not Seem To Get Along

are golden retrievers cat friendly

The signs listed below show that the golden retriever and cat are not living happily with each other.

Signs that golden retriever is not getting along with cat:

  • They are too focused on the cat and consider the cat as food.
  • They bark, strain, and whine on the cats. 
  • They scream and shout at cats.

Signs that your cat is not getting along with golden retriever:

  • Their tail sways from side to side.
  • They have their ears trunked behind their heads.
  • They spit, yowl or hiss.

If you observe any of these behaviors mentioned above, you must think about it before it becomes critical for you as well as for the pet. 

If you face any problem in getting along with the two pets well, you must not be hesitant to think about professional training3.

How To Train My Golden Retriever To Get Along With The cats?

You’ll be able to train your Golden Retriever to perform at the best possible performance. This training should commence early and is aimed at fostering an enjoyable life for cats.

Make Sure He Is Attentive

It’s likely better to listen to him as a listener than to have knowledge of commanding words in their entirety. If your Golden doesn’t listen much, wait until he understands your commands, whatever the circumstance. The Goldens love to satisfy human needs, which is not as hard as we thought!

Basic Commands

Check whether your dog knows basic commands such as Sit, Beat, Calm/Easy. They are important because they remind him he could not run into this little guy without any care. The command reminds them that they need to hear the cat.

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Give Lots Of Love To Him

Also, ensure he receives plenty of love at each meeting of his cats. That reminds your pooch you love him and that there is no territorial problem because you can just get away!

Mistakes To Avoid

do golden retrievers like cats

If you want to provide an excellent time to your cat and golden retriever, you must avoid the following mistakes. 

Introduce The Pets Very Early

Always keep in mind that the friendship of a cat and dog is not child’s play. Their friendship always requires some time; therefore, don’t try to introduce them in a short time.

Allow Nose To Nose Contact

Most pet owners don’t let their pets smell and analyze each other but it is important.It is your job to get your dog to rest and give him commands to make him stay calm.

They will wander around and will sniff each other carefully. Give them a chance to get closer to each other. Golden Retrievers are extremely intelligent and know how to remain calm and let the animal have control.

The first real meeting between them should last until they decide to do so. Make this as much as possible so your cat can just jump onto your controlled pooch to rub against his head.

Lack Of A Secure Area For Each Pet

If you are not providing a secure area for any of the pets, then the situation may get bitter.

Don’t Leave Them Alone Together Until You’re Sure

Keep this step well supervised. Do not leave or check the laundry while they are together. Keep a good watch on both pets. Always keep them separated in their own places for the time they can retreat in.


Golden retrievers have a lovely and sweet nature, and they are usually affectionate with the cats. 

Moreover, always keep in mind the past experience of any pet before bringing it to your home. Don’t rush to introduce them to other family members. 

Do you hold a cat and a golden retriever at your home?

Do they have a good relationship with one another?

Please let us know your experience.

Let your friends know about this article who carry cats and golden retrievers.


Could a golden retriever attack a cat?

Cats are nearly impossible to be attacked by most golden retrievers. Dogs are over-excited at the early stage of their life. They are very stunning when they reach their youth. But it’s not confirmed about their attacking time. However, they are more jolly than wild.

Will my golden retriever chase the cat?

Once both pets have learned that coexistence is necessary, the Golden Retriever can become indissoluble friendliness between them. The dogs can help defend the animal even if the neighbor’s dog chases the cat. Occasionally, Golden Retrievers can chase your cat. Goldens are dogs, they all share wolves’ origines with their parents. Few animal predators are as powerful as wild wolves. The cat’s injury is unlikely and an attack is a real possibility.

Is it true that golden retrievers have a violent attitude towards cats?

These large dogs have a lovely and sweet nature, and they are usually affectionate with the cats. Sometimes they may be violent towards cats, but this problem could be solved by proper exercise and training. 

What is the best way to interact cats with golden retrievers?

Keep them in a separate room for the first 4-5 days so that they may get accustomed to each other’s voices and smells. First meetings should be of short duration.


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