9 Small Dog With Big Eyes And Pointy Ears

Chihuahua: Recognized for their petite size and those oversized eyes, Chihuahuas boast ears that often stand tall.

Pomeranian: These fluffy buddies flaunt a fox-like appearance, sporting small faces, big eyes, and ears that point up.

Small Dog With Big Eyes And Pointy Ears

Shih Tzu: While not the tiniest, Shih Tzus captivate with their sizable, expressive eyes and flowing coats, their ears elegantly drooping.

Papillon: Named after butterflies for their wing-like ears, these dogs captivate with their alert, large eyes.

Japanese Chin: These dogs stand out with their wide-set, round eyes and small, v-shaped ears that give them a unique look.

Brussels Griffon: Known for their distinct facial structure, these pups have eyes that speak volumes and ears that sharply point upward.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: These dogs win hearts with their soulful, big eyes and the gentle cascade of their long, droopy ears.

Italian Greyhound: Sleek and slender, Italian Greyhounds command attention with their expressive, large eyes and folded ears.

French Bulldog: Although not typically small, French Bulldogs charm with their compact build, prominent, bat-like ears, and endearing, expressive eyes.

Each of these breeds holds its unique allure and characteristics!

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