How To Keep My Pomeranian’s Smell Good

Grooming Pomeranian dogs is an important part of their care. The confident and spirited Pomeranian dogs have a soft, fluffy coat that matches their big personalities. There are many tasks that Pomeranian groomers must do every day, week, and monthly. These include combing, brushing, clipping, haircuts, and dental care. We’ll be sharing some guidelines, tools, … Read more

How Often Do Toy Poodles Pee?

How Often Do Toy Poodles Pee? The short answer. The short answer is that dogs should be outside at least three to five times per day in order to get fresh air. Adult dogs should not be left outside for more than six to eight hours. Toy Poodles Need To Poop Although the frequency of … Read more

How Long Can A Miniature Dachshund Keep Its Bladder For?

How Long Can A Miniature Dachshund Keep Its Bladder For? Dachshunds should never be required to hold it for more than four hours at a stretch, no matter their age. That’s right! That’s right! If your dog holds the bladder frequently, it may not be possible for them to do so. A puppy’s tiny bladder … Read more

Are Poodles Mouthy?

Are Poodles Mouthy? Although poodles are known to be gentle and loving dogs, they can sometimes bite and chew more than you would like. Although it isn’t usually aggressive, it can be quite startling and painful when your poodle gets their teeth into you. Dogs’ natural instinct to mouth is important in their exploration of … Read more

How Long Does Baytril Stay In A Dog’s System?

How Long Does Baytril Stay In A Dog’s System? Baytril, also known as enrofloxacin, is a popular antibiotic used in the treatment of bacterial infections in dogs. Like any medication, it is important to understand how long it stays in a dog’s system to ensure effective treatment and avoid any adverse effects. In this article, … Read more

Bully Max Is Safe For French Bulldogs

Bully Max Is Safe For French Bulldogs Bull Max is a popular dog dietary supplement. Many are concerned about its safety. Because of their sensitive nature, some believe it could be dangerous for french Bulldogs. It is a high-quality, safe supplement for muscle building that will help your dog gain extreme strength, mass, speed, energy, … Read more

Can Dogs poop Worms?

Can Dogs poop Worms? You may be surprised to discover worms in your pet’s poop as a parent. But you are not the only one. Dogs can be affected by intestinal parasites such as whipworms, roundworms or hookworms. Because they are highly contagious, worms can cause many health problems. Worms in My Dog’s Poop Tapeworms … Read more